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REVIEWS from Clients

To Marie and All That Need Healing:

Dear Marie,

     I want to thank you again and again for the amazing healing session. After fracturing my hip joint my mobility was incredibly strained making it terribly painful to walk.  Your knowledgeable hands-on methods allowed me to relax and trust while accepting the light energy as it flowed through you and was assimilated throughout my body. The spiritual plane energies were an apparent natural sense leading you as the healer! As you facilitated the flowing energy, it permeated the spiritual planes as well as my physical body.  This was reassuring as I accepted your compassionate intentions.

      I could feel how you responded to each one of my needs as my higher consciousness allowed me to realize (watch) what area needed focus next.  I saw how you became aware and smoothly moved to that area.  I felt the light surround my vulnerability, moments after I became aware of that precise area.   

    Needless to say, the next day it was apparent that our healing session was a catalyst for my physical and my emotional bodies to continue the healing process.  The pain subsided enough that I was able to walk.

    Each day I have become more mobile.  The healing has become stronger and stronger.  As each recipient of the healing light is aware ultimately, we are responsible or our own healing.  Accepting the loving and healing energy offered by you, Marie, my healing is smoothly responding with success.

                                                                   Blessings and love,



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