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The Key to You

Updated: Jun 27

I know I'm meant for something more than this

I feel weighted down

I feel like I'm racing

I feel like I'm buried

What was I made for

Entertaining these thoughts is the first indication that you are prepared to uncover and accept your life's story, the reason for your existence—your Birth Purpose.

Through a blend of guided meditation, energy release, and rejuvenation, coupled with attentiveness to your thoughts and dreams, you can discover the answers and let go of what prevents you from progressing.

Consisting of 6 In Person sessions and various at-home exercises, this 10-week program aims to maintain a high vibration.

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With each passing week, you'll find yourself reaching a deeper state of relaxation, allowing your personal frequency to rise. As a result, previously concealed information may emerge to bolster your objectives.

We start by clearing any energy that could be burdening you and then move on to a more detailed exploration. Keep in mind that this is Your Journey and You are not obligated to discuss or disclose any information or memories from your present or past life unless you choose to do so.

Key to You Syllabus
Download DOCX • 68KB

Tuition for this Ten week program is $1400 in 3 payments

Begin August 1st with a 30% Discount - ($980) 3 payments

Couples - Come with a spouse or very close friend - all appointments together $2300 for both

You have the flexibility to select your preferred private appointment times. Under Key to Me. (all inclusive)

Not Ready? Choose any one of Guided Meditation' Sessions independent of the package - $150

 Two People $250 Contact me for Larger Group/ Discount

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